A celebration & a friendly tournament of all the nunchaku artists of the Philippines.

Philippine Nun-chaku Online Tournament, this tournament is open to all level this is your opportunity to show your Nunchaku skill and introduce your self and represent your Province.

Schedule: June 11, 2019 https://forum.pinoynunchaku.com/index.php?board=1.0


Simple 3 steps

  1. Follow The Rules below
  2. create a nunchaku video 1 munites With or Without Editing or Cut
  3. Send to FNC Email team@pinoynunchaku.com put your name and your province you want to represent


  1. Video must not be longer than 1 minutes.
  2. Video must state clearly at the beginning, participant’s name or online username – Province the participant wants to represent – the name of the video
  3. The majority of the video must include nunchaku usage.
  4. An option to protect your video, you can set your submitted video as [Private Access] during the submission dates but make sure you are available on the deadline. 

And that’s it, it’s that simple! Which means…
– Videos can be one uncut shot of a three minute performance, or they can be edited compilations of different performances.
– Video can use slow-motion to highlight difficult, fast moves
– Videos can use other video editing techniques for artistic effect
– Videos can include use of staffs, poi, swords and other props as long as the majority is nunchaku
– Videos can have stories

This Tournament have two category the “COMBATIVE” and “FREESTYLERS”

Example of "Combative"

Example of "Freestylers"

Combative: this category for all new member and beginners.

Freestyle: this category for all Professional Members.

From now you can create your video and submit before June 11, 2019

Schedule: June 11, 2019 – Video submission deadline.  June 15, 2019 – Groups are drawn. June 17, 2019 – Voting begins

PRICE: Certificate Of Achievement, FNC T-shirt (black), Rattan Nunchaku

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